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Please select one of the following to help us with your quote. Although our saying has always been "We'll pretty much print on anything that is flat", there are certain limitations to that rule.
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There are a multitude of options when picking the right brand/blend of shirt and the price range between these options varies from brand to brand and even blend to blend i.e. 100% Cotton vs Tri-Blend. If you are open to options but bound to a budget, this field will help us narrow down your options.
Listed below are the 3 basic blend options that most brands offer. If you have a specific blend in mind, please select below. Select other if your desired blend is not listed.
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Standard turn around time is *10-12 business days once order has been finalized and invoice is paid. This does not include transit time if your order requires shipping. If this works for you, awesome, we are off to a good start. Just select a ball park time frame that suits your project.

*We sometimes book up 1-2 weeks out and in these cases, our standard turnaround time may not be doable. Please specify a hard "in-hands" due date if your order is time sensitive and we will do the best we can to accommodate.

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Does your order need shipping?
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If you have your artwork ready, please paste links to download your artwork files here. We recommend DropBox or Hotwire for file sharing services. We prefer Pdf, Psd, or Ai files for quality.
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Use the field to tell us more about your project including any details that you could not specify above. The more we know about your order, the easier it is for us to give you a proper quote. For example: If your design isn't complete, how many colors will your design be?